I love Joke. She is one of my favorite students. In fact I love all my students but today I would like to tell you the story of Joke. And how she became a Social Worker Entrepreneur.

Joke is a Social Worker. She had a big dream. But she was not happy.

I met Joke in one of my training groups. She was actually desperate. For years she had been dreaming of a big beautiful house with a garden to create a sanctuary for children who are autistic. She was saving all her money for years now and she had reached out to banks and funds to raise the money.

But there wasn’t enough to buy this house. She got frustrated.

When I met Joke I asked her this simple question: Why do you want to build this house”? She answered: “Because there are families out there with autistic children who are not happy right now”.

I asked her why they were not happy. She answered: “Because their parents don’t have the knowledge to deal with these kids”.

I asked her if she had this knowledge. She answered: “Yes, I have”.

Then I asked her if there are ways to share this knowledge with these parents to help them. She answered: “I would love to know these ways”.

At this point she could let go of the house and garden and together we searched for ways to share her knowledge.

This is what she did:

She started a blog special for mothers with autistic children. She got readers for her blog through social media. When she got her first readers on her list, she offered them a workshop.

She hired a room in the local community center. The workshop was successful. After that she started offering coaching: by Skype or by making a visit to the family’s home.

And now she is offering also the sanctuary but in a very simple manner: she is offering shelter to small groups of children in her own house. And next year she will rent a place to build her sanctuary.

I’m so proud of her!

When I asked Joke how I had helped her, she said: “You gave me the courage to start, to start small en still keep dreaming big. And work step by step towards my dream. These steps I had to take were very clear as a part of your Social Worker Entrepreneur Starter Training program.”

Now you see why I love Joke! And why big dreams and small steps could make you happy too!

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