About 3 weeks ago a new group of students started The Social Worker Entrepreneur Starter Training. Six Dutch and three American Social Workers are building their own businesses right at this moment. This week they started crafting their products.

It’s so exciting to see how they are building beautiful businesses. And again it’s for me a strong confirmation: Social Workers are great entrepreneurs.

Now I would love to tell you more about these businesses but as you’ll understand I have to shut my mouth at this point: it’s Top Secret!

No more secret is the business that was build by one of the former students, Jelle de Boer. Jelle is a Dutch Social Worker and a vlogger! You can read his inspiring story here >>>

Every business starts with a dream. If you participated in the #5 factors course this must sound familiar.

Every day I tune in on my dream. Last week I had a class with my mentor on goal setting and planning. She reminded me how important it is to have your goals aligned with your big dream.

As a result of that I’ve written my ambition statement. Here it is:

“We are a training company that helps Social Workers by empowering them to build social and successful businesses so they are free to follow their heart and increase their impact while making a good living. Our goal is to help Social Workers become true Leaders of Change. Together we make a better world.”

Does this resonate with you? How does this make you feel? You would make me very happy if you would share your thoughts with me in our Hangout Social Souls.

I’ve also created a post to help you create your own ambition statement. I shared the format and promise you that you will get my feedback on yours.

Now come on over to our Hangout and make some time to work on your business.

If you’re not a member yet just sign up here and I’ll let you in >>>

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