Entrepreneurship for Social Workers 

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Being a Social Worker is sometimes not easy. Not at all! You’re taking care of others but who takes care of you? As a result you feel undervalued, exhausted, not seen. I know these feelings!

You’re not alone!

You try to solve your problems but your solutions hardly work. That’s not your fault! I believe that SW-ers work in a outdated system. That’s why we have to learn to play a brand new game. And that’s why you are here.

To be a true Leader of Change something has got to change. Therefore, are you ready to rise? There is a solution for your low salary, for your burn out.

Start Here! And let’s play a brand new game together.

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You’re sick and tired of your LOW SALARY. Here’re 3 surprising ways to get a better salary. Probably the #1 thing most Social Workers want.

You’re feeling EXHAUSTED. Due to a huge workload and too many clients to handle. Therefore it’s time for some self care.

You wonder who I am and how I became a successful Social Worker Entrepreneur. Read here my 39 personal lessons to inspire you. And remember: if I did it, you can do this too.

You’re on the fence about starting your own business. Fear and doubt come uninvited at your party. Ieks! So read here the advice of Social Workers who DID start their business. I’m sure this will encourage you!

Stories! Most of all I love stories. This is the story of Joke: “Why big dreams and small steps make you happy”. Here you can see how I’ve helped Joke to realize her dream.

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