It’s this time of the year. Every vein in your body, every sign from your spirit, is inviting you to do some serious soul searching. I feel it too! Looking back and looking forward. Reflecting on your journey. Taking care of your Social Soul. Embracing yourself.

I would love to share some thoughts and insights to inspire you on your journey. Today I would like to talk about Leadership and Change. Because recently I’m thinking a lot of what it means if we say that we, Social Workers, are Leaders of Change.

I strongly belief that we truly can be Leaders of Change.

But in the same time I know that many of you don’t feel this way right now. You probably can remember the day that you choose to be a Social Worker. Driven by a strong passion to help people in need. But now you’re in this profession for 5, 10 or maybe 20 years. What happend with your passion in the meantime? Is it still there? Is it still strong? Is it still available as the source you need to grow your Leadership?

You can not call yourself a Leader of Change just like that.

This is exactly what is going on in my mind right now. What do you need to be a Leader of Change?

One of the things I realized is this:

If I want to be a Leader of Change I first have to be open for change myself.

10 years ago I started my entrepreneurial journey. Since then Change has been in my life as my best friend. As an entrepreneur I welcome Change every day. My mindset has become really what they call a growth mindset.

The only way I can handle this consistent being of Change in my life is to keep in touch with my Source. I connect with my dreams every day.  

Now let me ask you: Is there Change in your life? Are you open for Change? Do you welcome Change?

If we accept Change as a part of our own journey we can be a role model for others. Our own Change will evoke more Change. If we support each other to change we can connect our sources, our dreams and that’s when we, Social Workers, become real POWERFUL.

Now I have some more questions for you to help you to be open for Change.

  • what are you going to do different tomorrow?
  • what will be your next challenge?
  • what new skill do you want to learn next week?
  • how many new people will you meet next week?
  • is there a new recipe you can try tomorrow?
  • which new habit can you start tomorrow?

Change will not happen unless you DECIDE to change.

This means that you also have to be decisive. This is one of the things my students in the Social Worker Entrepreneur Starter Training learn. We call it “chop, chop” and it has something to do with two hats. I’ll share this with you in my next blog.

But now I would love to hear from you: Do you feel a Leader of Change? Are you still connected with your Source? How do you welcome change in your life? Please share your thoughts in the comments below.

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  • Edith Sutmuller

    Thank you again Anneke for this Blog… and pfff… it strikes me in my core. I am on a journey with lots of change. And oh oh, this is very scary. But yes, you’re right. Staying connected to my source is so very important. Just this day I’ve been talking to myself and addressing my core… this is what I want to! I can feel it in my core. Helping working mothers follow their hart and living their live the way they want it instead of only doing what others expect them to do. And… that’s exactly what I’m doing right now. Scary but true to my heart.

    • Anneke

      Yes Edith, you really walk your talk! This will make you a great entrepreneur <3

  • Ashley

    Great read! So much resonated with me! My career in social work over the past 5 years has been characterized by change. I now embrace that change happily because it affords new opportunities that are always surprisingly beneficial. I believe that my change is orchestrated by God, and I trust Him to lead and guide me in His will. Thank you for your perspective, encouragement, and guidance. “Everything is for something. Nothing is for nothing.”

    • Anneke

      Dear Ashley, wonderful to feel this guidance. I’m happy for you <3

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