All over the world Social Workers are challenged to innovate. The systems we were used to are changing rapidly. That means that we have to build new systems, build new methods and find new money to keep doing what we’re good at: helping people in need.

The major reason for this time of transformation is the internet. The internet has an enormous impact on our lives, our jobs and the way we help.

Personally I see a lot of opportunities. I’m very optimistic! I’m working with Social Workers who use their passion and skills plus the internet, to transform the profession. Every day I see change. It is happening right now.

One of the biggest opportunities I see, is the world of online businesses and online programs to help your clients. I had the honor to interview Breanne Dyck. Breanne helps online training businesses scale their impact, their team and their revenue.

On October 11th her new book “Beyond Satisfaction” will be released. Until Friday October 14th the book will be free on Amazon! If you’re open for change, willing to innovate and not afraid of the internet, I wholeheartedly recommend her book. You can find it here: Beyond Satisfaction (Amazon US) >>> or here Beyond Satisfaction (Amazon NL) >>>

The Interview

Anneke: Social Workers more and more start their own businesses. There have always been Social Workers working in a private practice 1:1 with clients. But now I see also Social Workers starting online businesses. Breanne, do you think there is still place for Social Workers who are entering the market of online courses?

Breanne: Yes! There’s absolutely room for online courses, group programs and the like. The trick is that you have to be really clear on how you’re going to stand out from the rest. Just having an online business isn’t enough; you need to have a compelling reason that someone should choose your online business rather than the next person’s.

Anneke: The core value of Social Workers is transforming people’s lives. They have the knowledge how to transform + the skills to get people into action. Breanne, how can they package this in an online learning experience?

Breanne: The most important question to consider is: what does action actually look like? When you are thinking about developing curriculum for an online learning experience, start by building a list of the skills you want your participants to master. Then you can fill in with the resources, support materials and other content they need in order to be able to successfully accomplish those actions.

Anneke: Social Workers will certainly miss the personal face to face contact with their clients when they choose to work online. The personal relationship and the process is part of the product. Do you have a golden tip how they can compensate for that and get the same results for their clients when they work online?

Breanne: First, don’t think that moving online means you can’t — or shouldn’t — interact with your clients. If you really value going deep with individual clients, look for opportunities to build that into your group program (for example, through group calls and the like). Even apart from continuing to provide some interpersonal support, though, remember your goal is to help clients build the skills they need to be successful. The more you can keep your focus — and theirs! — on skills, the better off you will be.

You can find the book here: Beyond Satisfaction (Amazon US) >>> or here Beyond Satisfaction (Amazon NL) >>>

For now I’m curious: are you planning your online business or do you already have an online business? Does it work for you? Why or why not? Please share your thoughts with us in the comments!

About Breanne:

As the founder of MNIB Consulting, Breanne helps online training businesses scale their impact, their team and their revenue.

Her results-driven strategies blend operations management, business model development and learning & product strategy to create transformational learning experiences that customers can’t stop talking about.

Breanne regularly consults on flagship products and programs, CreativeLive courses, live events and workshops for thought-leaders and influencers such as bestselling authors Chris Guillebeau, Tara Gentile and Natalie Sisson.

When she’s not writing, consulting with clients or speaking, you’re likely to find Breanne with her nose in a business book, playing designer board games or building Lego.

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