Right before we change from the old year into the new one it’s time to look back and make plans. Everybody is doing this. I guess you too.

Yesterday I took some time myself to reflect. And something very special happened that I would love to share with you because this is also for you.

Yesterday was ‘planning day’ for me and my mastermind buddies: 4 women from all over the world who also have a business (Chicago, Avignon, Fort Lauderdale and Harare). I know these women for two years now. We meet every wednesday from 7-8 pm.

I’m well prepared and did my homework. I have my numbers, lists and overviews all around me on the table. My results, what went good, what went wrong, what to improve, etc.

Then Juliet opens our meeting with an unexpected question:

What are 10 things that you’d love to forgive yourself for, release and let go (from 2017)?

Immediately several things popped up in my mind. Small things but also 1 huge thing. And I got emotional. It touched me. Oh my …. And I took my time to forgive myself. After that I shared it with my friends and this felt so good!

What are the things you want to forgive yourself?

Take a few seconds to feel …


Forgive yourself is a loving act of self care. This is how I felt it. You can release things that did not went well, mistakes you’ve made, goals you did not reach, results you did not meet.

Juliet said: “to forgive yourself and let go of “mistakes” makes you feel better instead of feeling guilty every time you think of them. Now your shoulders should be lifting a bit, free of the weight of stuff you no longer need to worry about! It makes you feel lighter and open and curious for he new year to come.”

Beside the feeling at the end of the year that there’s still so much work to do, I also feel now that I’m ready for 2018. All the training programs of my company are in place, I feel lucky with my students (love them!) and they’re getting fine results with their business. IN 2018 I’ll focus on elevating all of that. Key words are: connected, shine and impact.

Thank you for being a part of my community!

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year


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