Chick on a mission

For years I wanted to have my own quiz. And guess what? I’m building one right now. And it’s so good! But before I tell you more about the quiz and the cool tool I’m using, let me share with you why I want a quiz.

I’m a chick on a mission. A really strong and focused mission. I belief that Social Workers can be true Leaders of Change if they combine their helping skills with more business skills. I’m a Social Worker myself but I think you could have guessed that. After I started my own transformation from Social Worker into Social Worker Entrepreneur I discovered so many ways to increase my impact. It has been now more than ten times increased.


Social Workers all over the world

The most important way that I’m increasing my impact is by using the internet. Hurray for the internet! The internet allows me to get in touch with Social Workers all over the world. And once I get in touch I want to involve them in my mission. For me this means that I want to encourage and empower them on their entrepreneurial journey. But, and this is a big but, so many Social Workers have never thought of themselves as an entrepreneur. And this means that I have a job to do: to awaken the entrepreneur hidden in each Social Worker and invite them to start their entrepreneurial journey with me.


How a quiz can help

And that’s exactly where the quiz comes in. My quiz helps Social Workers to discover the hidden entrepreneur within them. And I knew for a long time that this was what I needed. But how do I create such a quiz? There are many tools and I’ve had a look at the most of them but they always scared me: to complicated, to techy, to expensive.

Until now. In a miraculous way (thank you Penney <3) Interact rolled into my inbox. A day later we had personal contact. The same day my account was set up. And another day later my first quiz was ready to be tested. And it’s so goooooood!!!


Cool tool: Interact!

Let me tell you some more about Interact. In the first place it’s easy. Very easy. Even a non techy person like me can handle this. When you start building you can choose to build from scratch or use one of the many templates. There are over 100 pre-made quizzes to choose from. Quizzes about food, sports, design, cleaning, weddings, coaching and much more. If you want it super easy, choose one, make it yours and send it out.

I used a pre-made quiz about entrepreneurship as an inspiration. I played with it, had a good look at the back-end of the quiz and then I was ready to build my own from scratch. You have a choice between three sorts of quizzes: a personality quiz, assessments and scored quizzes. I choosed the personality quiz. That’s also the one I like to fill in to find out if I’m Madonna, Oprah or Maria Callas 😉

Setting up the quiz was easy peasy: the app leads you step by step through all the parts of the quiz. The Q’s, the A’s, the correlations and the outcomes. The look and feel is my own: I could bring in my own colors, fonts, graphics and logo.


A quiz to share love

Interact is designed to help me with my mission: reach out, get in touch and build warm and helping relationships with Social Workers around the world. After a Social Worker takes the quiz they fill in name and email to receive their report, my encouragement and love. For that I have set up an integration with my email service provider.

I’m so happy with Interact and finally having my quiz! Now it could be that you’re curious to see and of course take my quiz. I feel you! But I have to ask you to be patient. I’m planning a campaign to introduce my quiz and it’s not time yet to start my campaign. When I’m ready I’ll let you know. Because every Social Worker deserves the chance to discover the entrepreneur within them.


P.S.: If you want to find out more about Interact yourself here’s my affiliate* link >>>

P.S.2: If you’re thinking about creating a quiz for your own biz, let me know if I can help you!

* If something is really good it’s worth recommending and getting involved as a affiliate. 

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