Do you recognize one or more of these feelings?

  • My job became a struggle
  • I’m on a crossroad in my career for far too long now
  • I’m seeing the puzzle but don’t know how to connect the dots, grrr….
  • I feel stuck in a circle of low salary and exhaustion
  • I lost the love for Social Work

Many Social Workers seem to feel a bit lost. Nowadays the job of a Social Worker is exacting. We are challenged to work harder and harder while we have problems taking care of our own health and vitality.

What will you do about it? In what ways did you already try to solve this puzzle? Did it work? I guess not.

It’s not that our problem is unsolvable. But I see Social Workers searching in the wrong direction. Work even harder, get more education, another license, move from one state into the other. But the uncomfortable feeling keeps itching.

As I just said: it’s not that our problem is unsolvable. I have hope! I have a solution!

The problem is not YOU!

The problem is not that you lost your love for your job.

The REAL problem is the system we work in! Our system is outdated and still based on the old economy.

I think your biggest challenge is to become as a Social Worker part of The New Economy. The new economy is an economy of entrepreneurship! Where workers use all the opportunities we have nowadays: the power of the internet, the connections in communities and knowledge in strong networks.

When you fully want to enjoy being a Social Worker again look for ways to get involved in the new system. Discover the entrepreneur within you! That’s my solution. And it’s proven: it works!

Do you want to know more? Then first take the test and discover the Entrepreneur hidden within you.

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