Congratulations on being a social worker! Really, I mean this. We have the most beautiful job in the world. It’s a great honour to be able to help people in need. It’s a huge gift to  create impact for a better world. Social Workers are real powerhouses, real Leaders of Change.

But why don’t we feel this way? Why is it that I mostly meet Social Workers who are grumpy about the job. Who suffer from low salaries and exhaustion. Who gather together in facebookgroups to complain about their work. Why is this?

Let me assure you: the problem is not your job. Your job is not the REAL problem. The problem is the system you have to work in. Social Workers are still a part of the old outdated economy. Where money means power. Where high positions are for the rich few. Where managers are the boss.

It’s time for you to enter the New Economy. And become a part of the new system. Where purpose is more important than money. Where value meets impact. Where compassion means influence. Your helping skills are without doubt transferable to this new way of working.

If you manage to combine your helping skills with more entrepreneurial skills you can create chances. New doors will open and you will see new opportunities. You will start to love your job again. Be proud to be a Social Worker.

I strongly believe that Social Workers can be excellent entrepreneurs. I’ve created a quiz to help you to find out more about your entrepreneurial qualities. It’s a start. A turning point. A new path that is inviting you to go on an adventure. If you start now.

Take the test >>>

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