Jelle de Boer is a Dutch Social Worker. He did The Social Worker Entrepreneur Starter Training [group mentoring] last year. This is his inspiring story: 


In the field of Dutch Social Work there are a lot of opportunities to be innovative and make yourself visible. That’s okay. But … less than in other branches you don’t get appreciated for being innovative. You don’t get rewarded financially for being innovative. Because your client is in the middle of all attention. Everything you do, everything that you advocate for is focused on your clients. This belongs to your job and you have to work hard for it.

This is what got me frustrated. If I work hard, if I’m innovative, it really doesn’t influence my paying check at the end of each month. I talked about my frustration with my manager but I did not get me more freedom of movement. This is so frustrating.


But this frustration did not stop me! I was and am fully committed to my work and started making my plans more concrete. That’s how I met Anneke. I’m a Social Work Vlogger and Anneke played a part in one of my vlogs. She inspired me because she pointed out a new possibility for me: start my own business! With Anneke I dared to explore this opportunity. I want to teach Social Workers how to make beautiful vlogs.

At the start I had a whole lot of doubts:

  • how can I combine starting my business with my current job?
  • how much time will it take?
  • where do I get the money?
  • will there be customers who want to buy my product?
  • can I be successful (I’m a Social Worker and not an entrepreneur)?

In our group mentoring sessions Anneke was able to take away all these doubts.


I’m now ready to start my own business. It was important for me that Anneke helped me to be very transparent about my plans and wishes in the conversation with my employer. She kept me sharp. At the end of the training program I have no more hidden agenda’s and I have the freedom from my boss to follow this path to discover how my business will grow in the future. There’s no more frustration. My employer is very cooperative.

Yesterday I met a local professional who asked me when he could sign up for my vlog workshop. At that moment I thought: “Wow, I’m really Top of Mind with this person!”. This feels like everything I’ve worked on in the training will really lead to results. I want more of that!


This is what I learned in the Social Worker Entrepreneur Starter Training:

  • to put on my entrepreneurial hat
  • what product I want to sell
  • how I can build this product with different elements
  • who my customers are
  • how to get on top of their mind
  • how I can use online (free) tools for that

Thanks to the online support community I could grow my network. Now I can work on my own ideas while I’m the CEO of my own business. I’m able to combine this at this moment with my current job and I have the opportunity in the future to spend more days on my own business.


I recommend Social Workers who are just like me, who have plenty of ideas, to consider to start their own business. Especially when you think of yourself that you’re not an entrepreneur, you will be surprised that this entrepreneurial hat will fit you too. All the training modules are online so you can work whenever you want from your own home. This training is your chance to work with an inspiring and balanced person, Anneke, while building your own business as a Social Worker.

Do you want to be like Jelle? Do you want your own business? Let me guide you and take away all your doubts. 

Start building your own business with The  Social Worker Entrepreneur Starter Training >>>

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