If we social workers become more entrepreneurial we can truly change this world. If we learn how to blend our helping skills with some entrepreneurial skills, I’m sure we can increase our impact and benefit even more people in need. There is still so much pain and suffering in this world. If we follow our social hearts we will find a way to help more people.

I’m a social worker and in 1987 I started my own private practice. Independent social workers with private practices are a well known phenomenon worldwide. I didn’t succeed. I was a lousy entrepreneur. I just finished high school and being an entrepreneur wasn’t something I learned at school. I had no idea how to attract customers. Besides that: I was meant to be a social worker and the only thing I wanted was to help people in need.

I started my private practice because there was an economic crisis in 1987 in my home country, the Netherlands. I suppose this is one of the reasons why many independent social workers start a private practice: there are no jobs.

But I also noticed another reason to be an independent social worker: to create more freedom! Freedom in your personal life but also freedom to help people in your own unique way and on your own terms.

My entrepreneurial journey stopped in 1990 when the crisis was over and I found a job. I even became the CEO of a small local social organization. For many years I was very happy with my job but at a certain time I started longing for my freedom again.

In 2006 I started my second business. And again I found out that I was a lousy entrepreneur. I was disappointed and after three years of struggling I was desperate.

Why am I telling you all this? Because I know now that my search for entrepreneurship is not unique. I want to give you hope by sharing my story and my knowledge. My struggle probably had a purpose. I didn’t give up that time and instead I started out on a journey and asked for help. I’ve learned everything there is to know about marketing and I became successful.

This is what I did: most marketing techniques are not very social and that’s why I created my own roadmap of 7 easy marketing steps called Sweet Social Marketing. In my business I teach social workers how to become more entrepreneurial in a social way using Sweet Social Marketing.

That’s the marketing part. But there is something else I discovered recently, something that made me believe that we can truly change the world. My impact as a social worker has increased dramatically! At this moment my reach is tenfold that of the reach we had with a team of 8 social workers!

I don’t feel lousy anymore. With almost 4000 social workers on my mailing list, 2000+ connections on LinkedIn, almost 6000 friends on Twitter and 1000 on Facebook, I feel blessed and grateful to be of service to so many social workers.

Think of this: if every social worker could make this tenfold increase, we could cover the world!

I learned how to build a scalable business. This goes beyond having a job or your private practice. This is the shift from having a job to self-employment and business ownership.

There’s a new entrepreneurial wind blowing in Social Worker Land bringing you some of my Dutch love and social spirit. Let us find our freedom and build independent and social businesses to increase our impact. So we, social workers, can be the servant leaders of humanity and truly change this world.

I would love to be connected to you. You are welcome to join my brand new global community Social Souls to get support on increasing your impact too.

More about increasing your impact: watch my Periscope (replay) >>>

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