The more I think about it, the more I feel a kind of sadness. Let me explain this to you dear friend. Here’s a little story.

Each day this week I’m looking forward to the package delivery service driving into my street. Here’s why: I’m expecting a present from my coach in the US. It’s a black t shirt. Now I have several black t shirts in my wardrobe but this one is special.

It’s special because it’s a present from my coach, sure! But what makes it more special is what this t shirt says:

I’m the NEW economy

For me this is a statement that makes me feel proud. I’m the new economy. For me this means that I’ve quit the old system. I’m no longer working in a restrictive hierarchy.

I’m putting value above money. I’m always looking for ways to scale my impact, to help more people. For that I fully embrace the internet. I’m part of many social communities and sharing my knowledge. I’m a blogger, an author and a speaker to share my knowledge.  And I’ve created my own global community: Social Souls, hangout for Social Workers, to empower entrepreneurial Social Workers all over the world.

What makes me sad is that I know that many Social Workers feel stuck in the old system, like I did.

Do you feel stuck? 
Be honest …

Would you like to be a part of the NEW economy too? If you want, you can join. Having your own business will give you a good entrance. Not sure what you need to start an outstanding business? Then join me in the FREE course “5 factors Social Workers need to know to build a successful business”.

  • This course will help you to identify whether you are capable of making this transformation too.
  • It will also help you to identify what it is that you have to improve.
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