Social Workers are good thinkers. We have to think. We often work with complex problems. We have to advocate in difficult situations. And above all, we work with humans: the most precious specie there is on earth. So we have to think carefully. For thinking we need our head.

But sometimes we overthink. Sometimes it’s better to act than to think. If you want to become an entrepreneur, if you want to build your own biz or private practice, progress and results only come from action.

Entrepreneurship is build on dreams. You have a dream, you have an idea. These come from the heart. Not from the head. So you have to act with all your heart.

If you start your entrepreneurial journey, overthinking is really risky. Your thoughts will take it over and make it too big a thing. Your head can easily take 10 steps ahead while you still have to act on your first step. Your thoughts will wave a spiderweb and before you know you’ll get caught. Overthinking also means that you’ll have obstructive thoughts like:

  • Who am I to …?
  • I’m not ready yet …
  • First I have to finish …

If you overthink you’re like this skier who is at the top of the mountain and thinks: I’ll not go down before I’m sure I’ll be safe. He’s still there, at the top of the mountain…

Entrepreneurship is action. Get off that mountaintop. Only if you act you’ll known what happens. You’ll experience the feeling. You’ll be able to learn and adjust.

Your dream lives in your heart. Act with your heart. Follow your dream. Sometimes a little blindly. Sometimes a little reckless. Sometimes a little risky.

A dream can be big, hairy and audacious. A dream can be a little crazy too. This might scare you. What if people think you’re crazy! But wasn’t it Steve Jobs himself who said: “Here’s to the crazy ones …”?

So becoming an entrepreneur comes down to more acting and less thinking. You don’t have to do this all on your own. I’m here to help. To get into action. Take that first step. You can join me in my program “Basics in Entrepreneurship for Social Workers”.

Of course I’m guilty of overthinking too. Sometimes it just happens. My thoughts transform into doubts. Especially this one: Who am I to …? But yesterday I got an email from the participants of a workshop I did on Tuesday. This is what they said: “You inspired us. What really worked is that you’re one of us. You understand us and know how it feels our there in the field of Social Work. You made a perfect bridge between Social Work and Entrepreneurship”. 

Wow, I’m super grateful for such a great compliment. It really encourages me: Come on Anneke, don’t overthink, just act. And I have never had regrets. It will always turn out right. Also for you!

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