It really touches me when I hear a Social Worker say that her biggest wish is to be able to buy a car for her family. But that her job doesn’t bring in the money. That she wants to send her children to college but she doesn’t have enough savings to pay the tuition.

If this is what you experience too, you probably tried to solve this.

Perhaps you’ve tried this: do more in depth study, get more licenses, aim for a management position. Did this give you what you want? What you need? If it did: I’m so happy for you! But in most cases all the extra work did make you feel exhausted while nothing really changed …

Something is really wrong here! As a Social Worker you deliver high value if you’re the person who can make a change in people’s life. That value is worth more than your salary.

This is how I feel it. This is also what I have in common with Brene Brown and other smart Social Workers: we became entrepreneurs!

We created our own system, our own vehicle: a training and coaching business, writing books, speaking on a specific subject. We created our own business to provide us with income but above all give us the freedom to fully focus on helping people in need and increase our impact in the same time and on our own conditions. We stepped out of the old restrictive systems of Social Work and became part of the New Economy!

Perhaps you’re thinking of starting your own business too. And if this is not what you think, I hope I got you thinking about your own business right now!

But wait … let me help you!

From March 13-17 I’m organizing a FREE course “5 factors Social Workers need to know to build a successful business”. You’re invited to join me.

  • This course will help you to identify whether you are capable of making this transformation from Social Worker Employee into Social Worker Entrepreneur too.
  • It will also help you to identify what it is that you have to improve.
  • And I will help you with that! Each factor comes with an assignment to put you on the right track.

You can sign up here >>>

  • Nate

    Great article Anneke. Look forward to your training

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