Of course we’re all a little afraid to become an entrepreneur. We’re afraid to become to commercial, to economical, to hard. Yes, I’m afraid too. Every day I’m searching for balance between my Social Soul and my drive to grow my business. The only thing I can do is hope that I’m doing it right.

Brené Brown is my inspiring role model. Perhaps you know her. She is well known by her TED talk and books about vulnerability. She’s a Social Worker and at the same time a very successful entrepreneur. She shows how she, as an entrepreneur, has already reached out to millions of people to share her vision, offer help and support. Using her entrepreneurial skills made this possible for her. And still she’s a Social Worker in heart and soul.

In a recent interview with one of my other role models, Marie Forleo, I was really touched by the way Brené is engaged with the political issues in our world. Just like a Social Worker, just like you and I, should be. She doesn’t hide!

What I learn from her in this interview is that it is okay to have and grow my business and hope I’m doing the right things because this is better than hiding and doing nothing. I hope she can inspire you too! Watch the interview and let me know what you think! 

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