Already 1.657 Social Workers did the test. With this test you’ll discover the Entrepreneur hidden within you. There are 4 profiles. In every profile there is one main entrepreneurs quality that distinguishes.  

Social Workers are great Dreamers. 58% percent got the score: You are a Dreamer! This makes me really happy! Being a supercharger of entrepreneurship by Social Workers and a mentor of many Social Workers who are on this journey, I know you need a dream. You can’t be a Social Worker Entrepreneur without a dream. Your dream is your source, the place where it all starts.

But, and this is a big BUT, dreamers do have a huge pitfall: They keep dreaming! They don’t get into action. Wonderful ideas and plans stay forever in their head.

The Social Workers who did the test all received a valuable report with tips to get into action. How to get your dream out of your head and bring it into action. Because you don’t want to be the best kept secret of the country.

Are you a Dreamer too? Or do you distinguish in one of the other 3 profiles? Find it out yourself and take the test >>>

Nathan, who also did the test and who is not a Dreamer, gave me a message saying that he is very happy with his report: “These qualities are very useful and help me to share my story and get moving again”. Love that!


Do you also want to receive your report?

Then take the test now (it’s no more than 5 minutes of your time) >>>



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