Thinking of what made me successful I gathered 39 lessons for Social Workers. For you. It are all lessons I’ve learned and practiced in my life and business.

  1. Keep it simple
  2. Be grateful every day
  3. Be kind to your customers
  4. Provide the best service you can
  5. Have joy and share it
  6. Accept it that you are exactly where you should be right now
  7. Trust your inner spirits
  8. Babysteps are okay
  9. Ask for help (do ‘t be afraid)
  10. Tune in every day on your dreams
  11. Collect courage
  12. Learn from other successful people
  13. Dare to make sharp choices
  14. Learn to fail elegant (because you will fail)
  15. Hold on!
  16. Keep away from comparititis
  17. Just be you and there will be no competitors
  18. It’s okay to be introvert but make sure that you’re visible
  19. Be quick: an idea in the morning is a product in the afternoon
  20. Grow your knowledge
  21. Fall in love with your products
  22. Take advantage of knowlegde that people share for free
  23. Invest when you have to
  24. Become friends with money
  25. Make plans
  26. Focus on growing your impact every day
  27. Know your numbers and keep track of them
  28. Understand how important Trust is
  29. Dare to kill a dragon when it’s neccesary
  30. Dare to fly on a dragon if it brings you further
  31. Giving and receiving are on the same flow
  32. Be a lovebrand
  33. Tell your personal story
  34. Celebrate your successes
  35. Share your wealth
  36. Connect from your heart
  37. Know when it’s time to play and rest
  38. Sleep well
  39. Keep fit

That’s it folks! I hope you will benefit from them.

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  • Toni Epperson

    Thank you for sharing! You are such an inspiration to me

  • Anneke

    Thank you for your kind words Toni!

  • Zee Masuku

    Wow truly inspiring! It gives me courage that I am on the right path.

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